These Mochilas have been brought by the Kogi when they visited London this Summer.
Each bag is slowly crafted to tell their story and takes up to 2-3 weeks to make.
100% Natural fibres and colours
Each mochilla is totally unique

Explanation of the archetypal fabric

Our spiral galaxy, common home The Milky Way engenders in its movement two forces, one centripetal of concentration, of a feminine nature and another centrifugal, expansive, of a masculine nature that intertwine in a spiral thread, present in the orbit of the stars to the smallest atoms and energy particles, this structure is the same as the fabric of the backpack.

When everything was dark
Jaba (mother) Malkua (The Spider)
“He wove with invisible threads the web that would sustain all creation.”
Kogi myth of the creation of the world.

For The Kogis, everything that exists is connected by an invisible network woven with threads existing in a dimension that they call Aluna or spirit, thought.
Through the weaving of backpacks, Kogi women connect with Jaba Malkua to receive good advice, wisdom and strength to order and harmonize relationships in their family and community environment.

In each stitch of the fabric they deposit positive and loving thoughts and emotions.

The structure of the tissue is an archetype similar to the movement of energy in our galaxy, made up of a triple spiral present in the material micro and macrocosm.
The backpacks are made of Fique fiber (agave species), dyed with natural colors extracted from leaves, fruits and tree bark.

Men use two backpacks, one of cotton (Zugamé), for the things of God and another of fique (Gamá) for the things of the world. The women wear white fique backpacks.


Extraction of the fiber from the maguey fique plant
Preparation of the thread: the Kogi women roll the dried fiber on their legs to unify the fiber.

“In each stitch of the fabric they deposit positive and loving thoughts and emotions.”



(Not available from the 14th December until the 28th December 23)